Gigantic Top Bangeroo

    This is a story of Victoria Vanderbilt. Yes, one whose supreme great grandpa has established the world traveling Vanderbilt International Circus. And now she inherited it after her daddy has passed away. But there is one problem here - she doesn't have an idea how to run a place like travelling circus in any way! She even wanted to sell it at first-ever but her ftaher's last will was mentioning that she will have to run for one year before she will completely own it. Is she going do deal with such situation you will have to find yourself by playing the game. The only thing that you ought to know is that Victoria has indeed large tits which will be indeed beneficial in satisfying all of her employes one way or another... Gameplay is based on a run of animated scenes where you will need to switch between different modes to pack up the pleasure meter - nothing hard to play in any way.
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Gigantic Top Bangeroo

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Room Deal

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